The golden experience

Here is what our customers think. Nothin’ but love.

"Tired of the same old...? SKYY was, so I tapped Golden Goods. Fashion forward, highly creative decorator, quality service. They made me look like a star, and SKYY client was ecstatic. Golden Goods is a no brainer."


"Golden Goods can get anyone to wear your logo. Who else can you say that about? You can't, that’s Golden Goods' power. "


"Merch has been the kryptonite of my touring career, it's always a challenge. It's great to work with a designer who gets it. Golden Goods looks good and feels good. Love!"

"Golden Goods created a beautiful clothing line for us that emanates peace. Our whole community is grateful!"

"I could say i love these tees, but no sh*t, I can't believe how much i love Goods when i put it on. you've figured out divinci's code. Great merch."


"Golden Goods is a conscious clothier for brands, bands and movements."

"Never had someone design something for me on the first round that I liked. And I don't like – I love these. And so does Ottmar."

"Totally get your concept. Really smart! It's about time brands start putting out merch that rivals fashion quality. "


"The Golden Goods guys are amazing with their creativity and the feel of their product is second to none."

"We've always resisted the standard corporate t-shirt because it didn’t reflect our love of great design and we couldn't find a quality product that survived our meticulous brand filter – until Golden Goods. Their elevated sense of style and taste is a perfect match. There is nothing “standard” about it and we couldn't be happier with the final result!"

"Golden Goods is doing awesome apparel and printing like no one else. They look so flattering on all the women and super stylish on the men. The men seem to really respond to them as much as the women."

"Golden Goods is on the leading edge of designing and producing great products (aka - Branded Wearables). "

"It's rare that we have a band shirt that I actually want to wear. Golden makes shirts that feel great and look rock and roll. Plus they're printed right here in the US of A. That's the ‘Good’, in Golden Goods!"

— Michael Franti, Spearhead

Brands that trust in Golden

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