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Buena Vista Cafe Success Story

Buena Vista Cafe

The Buena Vista Cafe is a San Francisco landmark, known especially for their signature Irish coffees. Listed by decades of guide books as a must-visit tourist spot, this historic bar and cafe needed to stock its gift shop with custom branded apparel that tourists could take home, and wear often, to always remember their visit. For super-soft shirts that fit the bill, The Buena Vista Cafe reached out to Golden Goods USA.

Over the years, Golden Goods USA has created over 20 designs for The Buena Vista Cafe, exquisitely printed on t-shirts, hoodies, infant onesies and more. Our designs range from sports-inspired iconography based on local teams, to apparel specifically created for use on the Buena Vista Cafe’s most popular holiday: St. Paddy’s Day.

Sometimes the Golden Goods + Buena Vista Cafe collaborations stem from a surprising source of inspiration. In a recent design, Golden Goods USA created a shirt based on an iconic piece of art that’s been hanging in the Cafe for decades. The result is a shirt design that’s completely unique — a super premium piece of custom apparel that could only be created in close creative collaboration.

Buena Vista Cafe Custom Branded Merchandise

The Golden Effect

Golden Goods USA’s success with The Buena Vista Cafe is evident in the countless number of requests to stock and restock their gift shop shelves, as regular local foot traffic and waves of out of town visitors clamor for more custom branded keepsakes. Golden Goods is proud to have helped this San Francisco institution spread its brand all around the world via great-looking, awesome-feeling gear that people love wearing.

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Saba Rock

When Saba Rock came to Golden Goods, they wanted to triple their gift shop sales volume. After working with Golden Goods, their sales went up 800%.

“Golden Goods is a big part of our success, and we couldn’t recommend them more highly.”

– J.M., Owner, Saba Rock

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