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Kentucky Fried Chicken Success Story


When KFC created — a quirky online merchandise store with novelties, accessories and apparel inspired by their classic fried fare — they didn’t cut corners. The purpose of the shopping experience, in fact, was to emphasize that KFC does things “the hard way” — either by creating a $20,000 space meteorite carved in the shape of one of their new chicken sandwiches, or selling premium, fashion-forward “Fried Chicken USA” pullover sweatshirts made from the highest quality materials.

KFC Custom Printed T-Shirt
“KFC Just Released Online Merch, And It’s Actually Kind Of Amazing”

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The Golden Effect

“KFC Just Released Online Merch, And It’s Actually Kind Of Amazing” read the Huffington Post headline when first launched in the summer of 2017, and while the sourced-from-space meteorite garnered a good deal of the PR attention, the golden-yellow “Fried Chicken USA” sweatshirt, created by Golden Goods USA, took home a close second. The Huffington Post called the pullover sweatshirt “truly perfect.” staff writers declared that they would “have no problem at all wearing this vintage-inspired yellow sweatshirt that shouts ‘FRIED CHICKEN USA’ to the office,” and The Awesomer declared the super-soft, premium garment “surprisingly decent.”

As a proud proponent of doing things “the hard way” — ie., choosing only the highest quality fabrics and customizations, Golden Goods USA is proud to support the Colonel in his (her?) quest to go the extra mile for customers and fans.

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Saba Rock

When Saba Rock came to Golden Goods, they wanted to triple their gift shop sales volume. After working with Golden Goods, their sales went up 800%.

“Golden Goods is a big part of our success, and we couldn’t recommend them more highly.”

– J.M., Owner, Saba Rock

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