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Saba Rock Case Story

Saba Rock

Saba Rock is a postage stamp-sized dream of a resort amid the turquoise waters of the British Virgin Islands. But amid this island paradise, the Saba Rock management team had one little problem: Their gift shop wasn’t living up to its surroundings. With only 2 or 3 apparel items purchased per day, they knew changes had to be made.

Their objectives were as follows: As arguably the British Virgin Islands’ best brand, Saba Rock management wanted Saba Rock to actually look that way from a merchandise perspective. They wanted to offer Saba Rock guests meaningful apparel items to make their vacation memories both tangible and lasting. And from a sales perspective, they wanted to triple their gift shop sales volume.

To achieve all this, Saba Rock turned to Golden Goods USA.

Saba Rock Custom Printed Hoodie

“Golden Goods isn’t a t-shirt company; they are a movement for a creative culture.”


The Golden Effect

To achieve Saba Rock’s objectives, Golden Goods USA designed and produced a product line featuring fresh, edgy graphics, and the fashion-first quality of all Golden Goods’ custom apparel.

Working closely with management to understand the Saba Rock ethos, Golden Goods embarked on a creative exploration to deliver on-brand messaging upgrades, surprising graphic design twists and custom-created fabric colors, all eco-printed on apparel body styles customized for Saba Rock. Over the course of their ongoing partnership with Saba Rock, Golden Goods has produced over 50 new designs on no less than twenty bodystyles. The result is a keepsake collection worthy of a contemporary retail fashion boutique – and a Saba Rock gift shop that’s been transformed into a can’t-miss shopping experience. Best of all? By working with Golden Goods USA, Saba Rock far exceeded its goal of tripling sales revenue, and to date has seen an 800% increase in daily sales.

“Golden Goods is a big part of our success, and we couldn’t recommend them more highly.”


Saba Rock Success Story

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Silver Air

Silver Air, a private jet company with an extremely affluent audience, needed custom apparel that looked and felt luxuriously premium. Enter Golden Goods USA, with a new line of custom-branded apparel with the perfect balance of high-end design, exclusive customizations, and the signature Golden Goods super-soft feel.

“Everyone loves the branded apparel we got from Golden Goods — our passengers, our owners, our employees — everyone!”

– -J.P., CEO, Silver Air

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Silver Air Success Story

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