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All our products are custom designed and manufactured. We’ll work with you to curate customized premium apparel items that fit and feel the way you’d want your brand represented.

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Check out all of our Latest releases

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Saba Rock

Over the course of three years, Golden Goods reimagined the Saba Rock retail presence and curated a keepsake collection worthy of a contemporary retail fashion boutique. Sales have increased 800% at Saba Rock’s gift shop — and its branding is now on view globally, through apparel worn around the world.

“Golden Goods isn’t a t-shirt company; they are a movement for a creative culture.” – J.M. Owner, Saba Rock



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We are committed to providing the best design, cut, fit and fabric so that people LOVE wearing your brand.

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SF Gate: Company Fits Brands to a T-Shirt
SF Gate

Company Fits Brands to a T-Shirt

Golden Goods, started in 2009, gives promotional merchandise a makeover

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Don’t feel intimidated, the Golden Goods team is here to help walk you through our process.


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