A Golden Story – Saba Rock

Golden Goods isn’t a t-shirt company; they are a movement for a creative culture.”

-J.M., Owner, Saba Rock


Imagine kite surfing into a postage stamp-sized dream of a resort amidst a cluster of islands dotting the turquoise waters of the British Virgin Islands. A place where you feast on delicious seafood at an over-the-water lounge bar, and nap hammock-style, your feet dangling just above white sand and crystalline Caribbean waters. This dream is real. Saba Rock, only accessible by boat, is not only one of the most highly coveted destinations in the British Virgin Islands, but also considered one of the most unique islands in the world.


In the summer of 2012, Saba Rock’s resort merchandise was stale and from a revenue standpoint, dead in the water, selling just 2-3 shirts a day.

Management decided a radical overhaul was necessary, and sought a creative collaborator who believed what they believed – that quality and nuance are the drivers of great branding. Saba Rock was introduced to Golden Goods, and the following three-pronged gauntlet was laid by management:

  1. Make arguably the BVI’s best brand, look like the BVI’s best brand
  2. Offer Saba Rock guests meaningful fabric-based items to make their memories both tangible and lasting
  3. Triple sales volume to ~10 units per day


Golden Goods boldly upped the ante, declaring their stretch goal atop the aforementioned: To design a product line that would make one wonder off-island whether Saba Rock was a Bloomingdales-worthy retail brand or a badass rock band, based on fresh, edgy graphics, and the fashion-first quality of Golden Goods’ custom curations.

Collaborative gauntlet accepted, a match made in island heaven was borne.


Working closely with management to understand the Saba Rock ethounnamed-1s, Golden Goods embarked on a creative exploration to deliver on-brand messaging upgrades, surprising graphic design twists, custom-created fabric colors, all eco-printed on apparel body styles customized for Saba Rock. Over the course of the next three years to present day, Golden Goods has produced over 50 new designs, on no less than twenty body styles, curating a keepsake collection worthy of a contemporary retail fashion boutique – upgrading Saba Rock’s gift shop into a must-visit brand anthem.



Saba Rock’s goal of tripling sales revenue has been radically eclipsed by an 800% increase in daily sales.


“Golden Goods isn’t a t-shirt company; they are a movement for a creative culture,” Saba Rock’s owner said. “They create with care and love, and are at the top of their game both in their product lines and in the creative process to help elevate brands. Now, when someone comes to our little piece of paradise and feels compelled to take something home with our name on it, we couldn’t be more proud of that tangible Saba Rock memory, as it is on par with the excellence of our brand. Golden Goods is a big part of our success, and we couldn’t recommend them more highly.”

Both Saba Rock and Golden Goods take immense pride in this Return on Happiness…because at the end of the day, it’s all about a coveted keepsake that when you still slip it on years later, a magical life moment like the capture at the top of this story comes rushing back. And that, is golden.

For more information on Saba Rock, visit www.sabarock.com. To discuss custom-created apparel for the brands you represent, let’s talk.