Our roots
About Golden Goods

KFC Custom Apparel Design

Golden Goods has been designing and producing premium customized comfort apparel for close to 30 years, constantly striving to improve our craft. 

Our humble beginnings, starting in the music merchandising business with the good ole Grateful Dead, were all about working tirelessly to create the highest quality, most comfortable, buttery-soft garments possible, no matter what it took. 

Not much has changed.

KFC Custom Apparel Design

Our creations have been seen, sold, and worn globally, from the most prestigious boutiques and high-end department stores to some of the most famous bands and music festivals in the world today.

We are so proud to offer our customized services and products to everyone and anyone who gets it- who gets us!

It is a true honor to have created for some of the most well-known brands, and the opportunity to work for those that are heading that direction if they so choose.

We will keep striving for better, knowing that our inspiration is endless.

Drop us a line, and let us help you see what it’s like to be Golden.