Feeling is Believing


Kids say the darndest things. And so do Golden Goods clients when our fabric hits their skin. An edited-for-general-audience-menagerie of testimonials – yes, all real and each verbatim:

  • “My favorite thing to wear outside of work, is now my company logo shirt. How did THAT happen?!”
  • “I put my shirt on, and I insta-feel 10 years younger. Crazy, but true.”
  • “Did I just hit the gym? No, just wearing Golden, and I look 10 lbs. fitter.”
  • “My girlfriend told me I was 20% more pettable when I wear Golden.”
  • “When I wear my Golden Goods shirt, I jump a tax bracket, feeling a quarter million dollars richer.”
  • “Are your shirts made from lotion? I’m actually a little freaked out.”

And the winner this past month:

  • “I can’t stop touching you…and I’m not even hitting on you.”

Thanks for the love and chuckles, Golden Fans! Keep em comin’. IN FACT, HERE’S A GOLDEN GAUNTLET:

Best fresh post with testimonial on Facebook or Instagram until the end of November ’15 wins a free t-shirt makeover – a baker’s dozen of Golden Swag(ger) fresh from our archive vault. #nothinbutlove #begolden. Don’t have your very own Golden Goods shirt yet to be able to express yourself? Take us up on our FREE t-shirt offer on our website to experience the Golden difference. And prepare…to just “go hug yourself.”

Ps. If you are ready for the brands you represent to be more lovable, huggable, let’s talk.

-Jeff Scult