Jeffrey Levine (left) and Jeff Scult (right) ~ please don't mix us up...we are very different animals.

Our Story

We’re Jeff & Jeffrey, the co-founders of Golden Goods, the conscious clothier for bands, brands, retail and movements. In 2010, we fused our unique backgrounds in branding and design/retail fashion to create a one-stop fashion shop intent on getting your employees, customers and fans to live and breathe your brand. For every engagement, we “white-label” create from fabric cut and sew, custom fabric dyeing, message consulting, graphic design services and eco-printing ~ including tagless story-telling inside the neck.

Why did Golden Goods eagerly enter the incredibly competitive promotional apparel industry 8 years ago? Because we saw industry icons and rock bands doing not-so-great wearable branding – you know the kind; merch that you wouldn’t wash your car with for fear that it would scratch the paint.

We had a hunch there was a golden opportunity to be seized.

So we did our homework to understand what typically happens to “swag” after events. Findings ran the gamut from “sitting in a drawer gathering dust”, to “I throw it on for spring cleaning”, to “I donated it to Goodwill.” (While admirable to clothe the homeless, probably not that version of goodwill those brands intended).

The competition was in a race to the bottom to make shirts a dollar cheaper or a day quicker, but we believed tactile things that touch one’s body aren’t meant to be value engineered. Hence, we saw a golden opportunity for a solution that could craft covetable promo apparel via a bespoke approach. Since day one, our team has been driven by a simple, powerful insight: If branded apparel becomes one’s favorite to wear again and again, it elevates the brand, and deepens the connection with its fans. Merch that Returns-On-Investment because it actually gets worn. We believed it then, and we believe it now. There’s a lot of gold in brands that get this.

Five years, and just over 1,000 projects later, we feel pretty good about our hunch.

We love the fact that Golden Goods is not for everyone. So if you believe what we believe, we are here to make your brand shine in a way that it has never shone before. We will create cult-quality wearables for your venture, take your band’s tour merch to 11, help ignite your movement forward, and for those with an audacious retail dream, partner to bring it to life – from inspiration to realization.

#BeGolden ~

Jeff Scult
Branding Guru &
Golden Storyteller

Jeffrey Levine
Retail Rain Man &
Golden Creative Director